Miniature city

The miniature city is a 1:150 scale replica of Jerusalem at the end of the Second Temple period, where an estimated 80,000 people lived. The city measured 1500 meters long and 800 meters wide.


The replica, which measures 115 square meters is made up of 10.400 houses, 70 meters of walls, 300 palaces and 50 towers, distributed throughout the city. The miniature replica was built by Ecuadorian artist Fernando Insua based on the design of Israeli historian and geographer Michael Avi-Yonah, who referred to the writings of Flavius Josephus and other historical sources.

City of David

1 Hulda Monument
2 Robinson’s Arch
3 Pool of Siloam
4 Roman Racecourse
5 Historical archives

New City

Vía Dolorosa
12 Calvary hill / Golgotha (current Holy Sepulchre)
13 Hyrcanus Monument
14 Damascus Gate
15 Jannaeus Monument
16 Bethesda Pool

Upper City

6 Jaffa Gate
7 Herod’s Palace
8 Hasmonean Palace
9 Herod’s Theater
10 David’s Tomb
11 Palace of Caiaphas

Temple Mount

17 The Temple
18 Lions Gate
19 Antonia Fortress
20 Wailing Wall
21 Hulda Gat

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